Project from Flipbook Nearing Completion

I just finished 8 out of 10 animation clips meant to become “digital gifts” by Flipbook. I just hope I can complete pending compositions as well as sound design for the last two clips and then proceed to working on a new music transcription assignment courtesy of Music Preparation Services in India. I’m hoping that all would go well as I wake up tomorrow early morning.

While I’m feeling drowsy and ready to pack up for the night, I’m glad I had supper with my wife and son at Sen Lek, great Thai food on a shoestring budget.

Solo Fire: New Lead Guitar Instruction Course by Steve Stine

This is my second big project courtesy of

If you desire to be a lead guitarist, then check out this new guitar instruction course by Steve Stine called Solo Fire. Visit the link below to know more:

Music transcription in standard notation and guitar tablature format by none other than yours truly. If you want to know the “how” of rock guitar soloing, then this is the best course out there.

Now, if you’re looking for the “what” of rock guitar soloing, check out another course called 96 Rock Licks by Steve Stine. As usual, the tabs for these were my own transcriptions.