A Misunderstanding of What Innovation Is

I just read this article from YahooI News:


It seems to me like a sign of a lack of ideas or a misunderstanding of what innovation is. Innovation for me is a fresh idea that pushes boundaries and conventional notions but is useful as well. It may be provocative but with a clear purpose in mind, a signal for a change of perception and a new way of doing things in a more practical or beneficial manner. Sadly, this new KFC cheese top burger, no matter how the folks of KFC Philippines think about it, does not fall under what I perceive to be innovative.

I don’t understand what the deal is with KFC Philippines. In my opinion, they’ve been concocting some of the worst dishes I have ever seen or tasted. This by far takes the top spot. I could just imagine how uncomfortable I would be having this sandwich. Is putting cheese on top of a burger bun something you would call innovative? If you want your cheese to stick immediately to your fingers or see it clinging from the takeout wrapper, then by all means you can have this disaster of a sandwich. What about patty top burger, mayonnaise top burger, Coke-soaked burger? This is something that even an imbecile could easily think of making.

I wouldn’t be surprised if KFC Philippines stole an idea from a Nickelodeon series “The Mighty Bee”. There was this episode where the main character prepared a three-course meal for her scoutmaster only to chew it up and regurgitate it before serving. So watch out for the next KFC product: The easy-to-eat, easy-to-swallow chicken bucket meal – Pre-chewed to save time!


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