Reviving the Band Part V: The Outreach Concert

Last night, I was able to perform with my band at UCCP-MCCD in J.P. Rizal, Makati City. The venue was the main sanctuary of the church where a number of acts from nearby UCCP churches performed their guts out for the glory of the one true God. It happened to include us as a last act.

And so, having been censored to perform loud, high energy, virtuosic (I think) prog rock/metal originals, it was decided that we do some CCM covers (to my dismay). Regardless of my somewhat neutral and unenthusiastic opinion about the song choices, it was a good performance filled with interesting twists.

The cast last night (performing as Jacob’s Ladder) were as follows:

The madman behind the keys, yours truly.

On lead guitar, vocals and a fancy outfit, Pastor Chaz Romero.

On bass, newlywed Engr. Rodell Tolentino.

The life saver of the evening on drums, Erick Bejarin.

Now, to those very few who are familiar with the band (and again the very few who are reading my posts), Archie was expected to play with us that evening. Unfortunately, there were personal matters he had to take care of that night. It’s a blessing though that Erick attended the concert, and so we tapped him to play that night without any sort of rehearsal. It turned out to be amazing, granted the fact that he was never around during our rehearsals.

If things turn out well, my vision of a King Crimson-esque version of the band would come to life with two drummers/percussionists, sort of like the Bill Bruford-Jamie Muir partnership.

And so, despite all that turbulence going to and fro in preparation for that Sunday’s event, everything worked out nicely. The people enjoyed music from a variety of performers, and the artists were able to express their faith through music. It’s a testament of how music really is a powerful tool for sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to others. I do hope that this is the start of a wonderful musical journey for myself, but more importantly is that I do pray that my band’s music and those of other artists would pave the way to support local churches in sharing the Gospel to many.

P.S. I suggested the Greek term “Oruomai” to become the new name for the band. At this point in time, since there are already a number of bands calling themselves Jacob’s Ladder and Blue Fusion over the Internet, I felt that it’s fitting that we drop those names already and go out with something new. If you have any other suggestion, please feel free to send them in.


  1. Mark, as the one who was given the special-privilege-cum-painful-task of censoring you, I must say that I do not have any single ounce of regret for doing so. Your cover to the songs you played last night were better than the original! You have proven once again that everything can be improved and be made to become better! Your own compo will have their own place and time…and when that fast approaching time comes, as always, I will be your band’s number one fan!

    And oh, it’s a shame to ask you what “Oruomai” means after passing my Greek class with colors… hahahaha! My favorite greek words are “Parthenos”-which of course is not suitable for any of you… and “Kairos”, which we all hope and pray to come : )

    God bless all of you.

    P.S. I can’t help myself from saying that the lead guitarist/vocalist with his fancy outfit is the cutest among your group.

    • Hello Pastor Xiaui!

      Thank you for reading my blog and I’m very happy that you found our versions of the songs to be more than satisfying. As our number one fan, you know you have our gratitude. Despite your biased opinion (being our fancy lead guitar player’s partner in life), we really, really appreciate your immense support for the band and the music.

      “Oruomai” from what I remember means “to roar like a lion” or “to shout in a loud voice”.

      For obvious reasons, the band cannot be named “Parthenos” as all of us have already been stripped off our innocence (you know what I mean, hehehe) and as much as I like “Kairos”, it’s been taken already.

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