Acoustic Blues Guitar by Steven Dahlberg to be Launched January 30

Acoustic Blues Guitar

Steven Dahlberg is one amazing blues guy. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him on the latest GuitarZoom course entitled “Acoustic Blues Guitar”. If you want to go beyond the very ubiquitous Mississippi Delta Blues style, you got to check out this course.

“Acoustic Blues Guitar” is a fingerpicking style course that intends to teach aspiring guitarists performing acoustic blues in a solo fashion. This is the sort of blues that you would hear prior to World War II. Steven teaches a variety of styles as used by blues legends like Mississippi John Hurt, Mance Lipscomb and others.

This is a four DVD and sheet music package covered by GuitarZoom’s “Learn in 90 days or get your money back” guarantee. As usual sheet music transcriptions have been worked on by yours truly.

All I can say is expand your guitar playing horizons and get into the blues with Steven Dahlberg’s “Acoustic Blues Guitar”


  1. If I already own the Play Delta Blues Now course, do I really need this one? I’ve got a library of courses and I’m doing them all one by one. I don’t need another course that does the same thing that I already have.

    • Dear mtman,

      If you’re already working on the “Play Delta Blues Now” course, I don’t think you need to go through “Acoustic Blues Guitar”. “Delta Blues” is a more advanced version while “Acoustic Blues Guitar” is more or less for beginner to intermediate level. I suppose that you have already your hands full with your library of courses. If you have more questions regarding your GuitarZoom courses, I suggest that you go to GuitarZoom Community Facebook page and then we can talk more from there.

      • Thanks. That is what I thought. I did try to contact GuitarZoom and I got a stock answer which will not help with the deal they have ending at midnight tonight on the Acoustic Blues Guitar.

      • Sounds good. I hope to see you at the GuitarZoom Community page where we can talk about all things guitar. If you’ve got questions or comments (e.g. things to correct or edit, etc.) regarding the sheet music/tablatures, I’m the best person to ask about them because I’m the one who transcribes all of them from the videos. Just don’t ask me about shipping, downloads, and other customer-service related concerns because that’s already outside my scope.

        By the way, thanks for stopping by my site. I hope you enjoyed reading and hearing my stuff.

  2. At some point I will get back to the Guitar Zoom Series of lessons. I’ve got quite a few Steve Stein DVDs and worked on so many for over a year maybe two mainly for electric. I like his Theory course. I do not appreciate his guitar tone on his very good curriculum content. I never went on the community page. As I was looking for information on the Steve Dahlberg work I went onto Guitarzoom and noticed I’ve got dozens of courses and peripherals I need to get back too. The past year and maybe two I’ve been involved mostly with Griff Hamlin’s work and like the simple guitar tone he uses on his very good curriculum content. I try to play with no effects at all with Griff – this is new for me after 30 years of playing guitar but I am developing much better technique. Griff is very good for Blues which is why I was interested in the Steve Dahlberg delta blues. I’ve been doing a lot on acoustic these days to balance out my skills. I just got involved in his Blues Guitar Unleashed Forum. Regardless of the platform, it’s hard to get enough time to play working full time as a technical professional. I am pleased to find another quality resource in your page. Thank-you. mtman

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