The UCCP-MCCD 93rd Anniversary Worship Service and Concert

I should say that last Sunday’s musical activity was one of the most fulfilling I’ve experienced in my entire life. I’ve never felt so blessed and useful. I have to thank all the people at UCCP-MCCD for giving me their trust as I handled quite a number of musical duties for both the worship service and the “acoustic” concert.

I like playing such venues where the small number of people bring about a certain level of intimacy. It is unlike places like nighttime watering holes where people are drunk and have no ability to care at all for the music you are playing (that is unless you are playing some popular cover songs or you are a popular artist yourself). In such venues like UCCP-MCCD, the people are generally level-headed and attentive. I’m quite sure that people who are listening to the music in such places have your full attention with the influence of nothing else but the Holy Spirit.

It’s really an amazing experience when the Holy Spirit leads you to work. Such a higher power could never be attributed to any human being. For me, it seems like the years of toiling away at the piano and music books is indeed part of God’s grand design. I can never take credit for anything that has happened during that entire day. It’s all God’s handiwork. I would never be that strong or useful on my own.

I suppose that I should continue along this path where The Lord is leading me to. No, it is imperative that I do so. Yesterday’s event was truly a humbling experience that would be one of the most memorable for me. I feel more than blessed and I pray that whomever is reading this would feel the same way. As for the concert highlights, I’ll have to wait for Ariel to post those online (that is if he would).

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