Steve Stine’s “CAGED Made Simple” Now Available

Every serious guitarist wants mastery over the instrument wherein one would just look at the fretboard and find every note required to make a solo sound great instantly. Of course such a feat requires practice, but the new GuitarZoom course called “CAGED Made Simple” by Steve Stine helps achieve just that and more.

“CAGED Made Simple” teaches you how to take advantage of the five basic chord shapes to visualize the fretboard better, leading you to do a number of things such as learning songs faster, playing chords differently, and even soloing better. The best part of the course is that it’s taught by Steve Stine, professor of modern guitar at North Dakota State University. Sure thing you can find a number of guitar virtuosos teach CAGED at YouTube, but Steve explains things complex musical concepts in such a way that even little children would have no trouble learning it.

And so, if you want to give your guitar playing an upgrade, just click on the logo below:

CAGED Made Simple


P.S. Here’s a  little bit of shameless self-promotion this time. If you think Steve’s awesome in this course, trying checking out…ahem…the sheet music (transcribed by none other than yours truly). It contains note-for-note transcriptions of Steve’s improvisations. Just saying….

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