Testing Acoustic Guitars and Jamming at Lazer Music SM Bicutan


The crazy staff at Lazer Music SM Bicutan: Allan (left) and Mark (right)

Because of the affordable high quality gear and friendly people, the Lazer Music store at SM Bicutan has become one of my favorite places. It’s this particular shop where I usually spend time looking at stuff, talking to the staff, testing a lot of stuff, and jamming with the staff and other customers while my son is sweating it out at a nearby Wushu class by White Tiger Wushu Zhan. It’s also the shop where I purchased one of my electric guitars (the red one with humbuckers). Last March, when I visited Lazer, I was (as usual) acting like a kid at a candy shop and looking at all those guitars with amazement and wonder. I then had fixed my eyes on this particular guitar:


The nice, shiny all-solid wood Greg Bennett by Samick dreadnought between the classical guitar and the black dreadnought with cutaway. I want one of those!

I tried out this guitar in a variety of tunings and brought out my Zoom H4n recorder. Allan (the manager I believe) brought out another guitar and we started jamming on whatever came into our minds. Occasionally, Mark (a staff member) would sit on the drum kit and play some simple rhythms. If my memory is serving me accurately, I was playing the guitar in an open C tuning while Allan was playing standard. And so, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the kind of mess we had made out of those guitars (The guitar I’m playing is primarily at the left channel of these recordings):

For only around Php 7,000 (about 175 USD), it’s a rather cheap all-solid-wood guitar that sounds amazing. We admit we were making a mess out of that entire jam, but it was all just for fun. We had a blast thus the objective has been met. I was unable to buy the guitar though but what the hey. I’ll find another one like that should I get the budget for that.


  1. Hi! Would you know the exact model of the Greg Bennett you played with?

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