The Key to Understanding 12 Bar Blues is in Lance Vallis’ “Blues Guitar 101”

Blues Guitar 101 by Lance Vallis

One of the ways of understanding how many songs work in today’s contemporary context is knowing what exactly is a 12-bar blues. The latest project I was involved in is a GuitarZoom course called “Blues Guitar 101” by Lance Vallis. This new course features the basics of playing a 12-bar-blues, the form of the 12-bar blues, and a variety of ways of how to play both melodic parts/solos and rhythmic accompaniment.

Since I’m the one who had the task of transcribing most of the stuff that Mr. Vallis plays throughout the video, I do have some form of bias with regard to my opinion. It’s a very good blues course that features a lot of material that demonstrates Mr. Vallis’ prowess in improvising blues lines. He also offers a number of useful licks and phrases that you can instantly use in many blues jam situations.

If you want to get into the blues right away, I would suggest getting this course by clicking on the “Blues Guitar 101” graphic above. After mastering the various concepts presented, I suggest moving on to Steve Stine’s 96 Blues Licks.

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