Palawan Trip – Day 02 – 02/28/2013


I woke up around 6:00 a.m., feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep. It was relief from the horribly long travel time (7 hours) from Puerto Princesa to our lodging at La Casa Teresa, El Nido. It was the start of a new and exciting day of vacation sans electricity.

The thing about the resort/beach town of El Nido is that it has a somewhat crappy power supply. Power is shut down from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s a good thing that most people (I’m talking about travelers and tourists) are outdoors during this time, many of which go on island hopping tours (like what we just did earlier). After taking a bath, my family (my wife and son) and I set out for our scheduled island hopping expedition.

And so, what did we do on that journey? We swam numerous times at sea, exploring these breathtakingly picturesque places, the scenery of which is fitting for a hollywood movie in a tropical setting (something like “The Beach”). Per usual practice, we took lots of photos of ourselves and the scenery, and the we had lunch at the beach. The lunch, prepared by the boatmen themselves, included freshly grilled fish and pork belly, rice, cucumber salad, fresh watermelon slices, and bananas. Lunch was delicious.

Our last stop on our island hopping journey was a trip to this island which had a bar that served drinks at really steep prices (around USD 4.50 for a mojito, USD 1.25 for a bottle of Coke). I don’t really know about the mojito but the Coke was priced about 5 times higher than you would purchase it at Puerto Princesa. This is quite understandable as I imagine it to be difficult and expensive to ship bottles of Coke from the mainland to that island.

After the island hopping trip, we went to town to have a snack. We found this bagel place owned by a Frenchman. We decided to try it out. Each bagel sandwich was expensive, around USD 6.00 each. I ordered what they called a Brooklyn bagel which had bacon, mozzarella cheese, and lettuce, dressed in a sun-dried tomato and basil dressing (pesto). It was an expensive BLT but it was good.

And so now it comes to this portion where I’m now back at our lodging, having just taken a bath, feeling all nice and fresh, and typing this blog entry, effectively killing time while waiting for dinnertime to arrive. It feels really nice to do this with an overlooking view of the beach and the mountains. Life is good and I feel blessed to have experienced this vacation time with my wife and son.

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