Palawan Trip – Day 02 (evening) – Dinner at “Seaslug Bar and Grill” – 02/28/2014

And so I finally came back from dinner. We took a tricycle going from La Casa Teresa to the town square. We asked the driver where would be the best place to eat, and he recommended eating at Seaslug Bar & Grill. Upon arriving, I realized that we saw the place earlier this morning. It was the place that featured live musicians performing. Unfortunately, there weren’t any of them performing tonight. Oh well, we didn’t really go there just to watch some musicians play top 40 hits (like many of those who play around Manila). We were there to eat. Now, if you’re one of the few readers of this blog who happen to be vegan, now is the time to quit your browser and go read something else.

We ordered a big bowl of “sinigang na hipon” (prawns and assorted vegetables cooked in a thin tamarind broth). In addition to that, my son ordered some spicy chicken wings, my wife had grilled pork, and I decided to be adventurous (again) by ordering sizzling croc. When I received my order, it was crocodile meat cooked as sisig (a famous Filipino dish popular in many local watering holes) atop an iron plate with raw egg and chilies. I mixed them all up with some Knorr seasoning, hot sauce, and calamansi juice. Now, how did it taste like? Just like chicken, nothing so unique or remarkable. Matter of fact is that I could probably be tricked into thinking it was chicken simply because my taste buds dictate it to be so. You can disagree with me if you like; perhaps you have more discerning taste buds than what I’ve got. The only difference is that if it were alive, it would not have any qualms about trying to eat me instead.

Dinner was delightful. I ate until I was full, leaving me very satisfied with a smile on my face. It’s a very good and blessed day overall. I hope tomorrow will be good as well as we begin to make our trip back home.

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