Greg Bennett Electrics (Samick) No Longer in Production

I am a proud owner of a Greg Bennett Concord CD3. I call it my all-purpose guitar simply because I can use it for every genre or style of music. It has a fixed Tune-o-Matic bridge so it’s very easy to maintain. It plays so well and can hold it’s ground against the Fenders, the Gibsons, the Ibanezes, and the ESPs (this I know because I’ve played every one of those guitars). It is an underrated guitar hence its relatively affordable price point. Unfortunately (or fortunately in the case of a collector), Samick has ceased production of every electric guitar in the Greg Bennett line. I wonder why.

If you check out the Greg Bennett web site, all of the electrics and the basses are now in “The Vault”, meaning that such models are now out of production. My friend, Allan, store manager of Lazer Superior Musical Instruments in SM Bicutan said before that I had acquired one of the last remaining Greg Bennett Concords in the Philippines. How many of those were actually shipped here I would not know, but I’m glad I got mine 2 years ago.

If you have the money for another guitar and you see a Greg Bennett, I suggest that you get it. When properly set up, they play very well and they sound really good. I like mine so much that I would never trade it for my friend Pastor Abong’s U.S. made Fender Showmaster or any other electric for that matter. Matter of fact is that if I can get another Greg Bennett Concord, I’ll go have it fitted with locking tuners and a floating Wilkinson bridge (or some other floating bridge that is easy to maintain, the opposite of a Floyd Rose).

So, to those people who have got themselves a a Greg Bennett electric, I salute all of you for making a great choice. Take care of your Greg Bennett electric because I doubt you’ll see another one again.

SMALL UPDATE: Greg Bennett now designs guitars under the Ethan Hart name. They look really good.


  1. Hello Sir,..How do you compare it to you Ibanez guitars in terms of playability. I am a player that likes to shred but at the same time also plays blues and jazz as well. I am asking because I found one at local store here in cebu. What I’m worried about is that it is medium jumbo frets instead of jumbo frets for easy bending.

    • Regarding my CD3, playability is excellent, similar to an Ibanez RG. I can play all styles of music using that guitar such as speed metal, progressive rock, jazz, and blues. With proper setup, Greg Bennett guitars are very playable.

      Bending is fine. It’s a given you would expect that jumbo frets are easier for bending, but medium jumbo frets are not so far off in my experience. I suggest you go to your local store and give that guitar a try. If it seems off, maybe proper setup, a new set of strings, etc. might be in order.

      • Thank you so much sir for replying, and bu the way, what pickups do they use on it? is it 3 way or 5 way switch?

  2. I just bought it today sir. Thank you so much for your guidance. I was choosing between the Cort viva gold 2 and the CD3. The good thing was that I was able to try both of them. I totally feel comfortable with the neck of the CD3 compared to the Cort. One thing that I notice is it’s not noisy even with a high gain set-up. As for now I am a happy owner of it. I am planning to change to tone pots to a push/pull pots for more verstatility.

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