Another New Beginning

My contract with GuitarZoom has expired, unceremoniously and without major incident, about two weeks ago. I do believe that I had parted ways with Dan Denley (founder and CEO) of GuitarZoom and the rest of the crew on good terms. For the past year, my professional life was pretty much about transcribing sheet music for Steve Stine, Steve Dahlberg, Rob Ashe, and the rest of the guitar instructors of GuitarZoom. My stint with GuitarZoom really gave good money. However, time for creative pursuits such as my own compositions suffered.

Many will say it’s such a shame that it had to end. Income is still income, and the end of my GuitarZoom contract takes away a significant chunk from my expected monthly earnings. However, I would like to see it as another new beginning. Seems to me that 2015 has been pretty much all about new beginnings for me. I was never meant to simply copy another musician’s work on paper. In my heart, I have always been a composer. This perhaps is an opening for me to go forward with more creative pursuits.

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