Solo Piano Music by Mark A. Galang Featured on “The Eskalets” by Christine L. Villa


About two months ago, I received a commission to write solo piano music for “The Eskalets”, a short story in DVD format by Christine L. Villa, a children’s book author and poet. For this particular project, I chose to perform and improvise a mashup of four of my solo piano compositions. For now, I can perhaps call that particular mashup as — guess what –“The Eskalets”.

If you’d like to discover the story of four baby robins and and their journey starting from their nest up until they learn how to launch themselves up into the air, click on this link (or the photo above) and purchase the DVD direct from Christine. I am sure that the captivating story of the Eskalets would teach your children the value of family, the way to deal with adversity, and the road to becoming independent.

Flipbook Assignment 01 Complete

Just yesterday evening, I have finished my music composition and sound design project for Flipbook’s (www, initial digital gifts. It was tough but it was a really great experience.

It’s a good thing that I had some assistance from my wife and son, performing voice work for some of the animation cuts. I could never have accomplished the project without my new Zoom H4n, a great handheld recording device that seems to turn any room into a recording booth. A couple of times, I even used a car as a booth with considerably good results.

Anyway, all that’s left for me to do now is wait for feedback from Flipbook. After accomplishing this feat, I now have some time on my hands to give my cats their long-awaited bath sessions, something that they’re not so thrilled about.