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A collection of Mark Galang’s music from 2001 to 2017.



Opus No. 6 (Chamber Music)

Sterilium - Chamber Music (Opus No. 06) - Front Cover

An electronic “art” music album featuring instruments by Detunized. Composed in 2008, released in 2010. Some of these compositions have written scores (Adventures in Cupcake Land, Whim No. 1, Particles) but everything else is entirely improvised.

1. Whim No. 1

2. Adventures in Cupcake Land 1st Movement “Welcome to Cupcake Land”

3. Adventures in Cupcake Land 2nd Movement “The View Over the Horizon”

4. Adventures in Cupcake Land 3rd Movement “Cupcake Waltz”

5. Adventures in Cupcake Land 4th Movement “The Final Cupcake – Farewell, Cupcake Land!”

6. Dreamless

7. A Horrible, Horrible Dream

8. Oriental Fantasy

9. Particles 1st Movement “Rapid Motion”

10. Particles 2nd Movement “Gentler Motion”

11. Particles 3rd Movement “Eastern Motion”

12. Upon the Hilltops (For 3 Guitars)

13. Pseudominimalista

Opus No. 4 (Symphonism)

Symphonism (Opus No. 04)

Released in June 1, 2007, this collection of works derives inspiration from symphonic music, the spectrum of which covers sonorities from the Romantic Era, 20th-century avant garde, and contemporary progressive rock and jazz-rock fusion.

A. The Virgin’s Jewel, a suite inspired by the Nick Joaquin short story “The Legend of the Virgin’s Jewel”. I’m currently looking for people who can clean up the score for this (I wrote the score when I was still somewhat of an idiot and so it was very messy).

1. The Virgin’s Jewel 1st Movement “The Goatherd’s Offering”

2. The Virgin’s Jewel 2nd Movement “Brother Fernando and the Virgin”

3. The Virgin’s Jewel 3rd Movement “The Empty Bowl and the Serpent”

4. The Virgin’s Jewel 4th Movement “A Midnight Duel”

5. The Virgin’s Jewel 5th Movement “Finale”

B. The “Symphonies of Whim” are experiments using stochastic composition methods with the aid of a software called “FractMus” by Gustavo Diaz-Jerez.

Symphony of Whim No. 1

6. Symphony of Whim No. 1 1st Movement

7. Symphony of Whim No. 1 2nd Movement

8. Symphony of Whim No. 1 3rd Movement

9. Symphony of Whim No. 1 4th Movement

10. Symphony of Whim No. 1 5th Movement

Symphony of Whim No. 2

11. Symphony of Whim No. 2 1st Movement

12. Symphony of Whim No. 2 2nd Movement

13. Symphony of Whim No. 2 3rd Movement

14. Symphony of Whim No. 2 4th Movement

15. Symphony of Whim No. 2 5th Movement

16. Symphony of Whim No. 2 6th Movement

C. In Search of Utopia is a keyboard/synthesizer concerto.

17. In Search of Utopia

From here until the end, we feature experimental recordings from a learning period (around 2000-2006 AD) in my life using a number of instruments recorded using a Pentium III PC!

Opus No. 3 (Toying on Hammered Strings)

October 10, 2006


With the exception of “Ang May-Akda ng Sangkalawakan”, everything is improvised in this collection.

1. Ang May-Akda ng Sangkalawakan

2. The Depths of Sleep

3. The Garden of Life

4. Rain Forest

Opus No. 00  (Picturesque)

April 30, 2006


1. Trial and Error

2. 24-Hour Blues

3. Another Family Portrait

4. David’s First Steps

5. David’s Lullaby

6. The Science of Truth

7. Psalm 23

8. Alone

9. A Night in the City

10. Inside the Mind of a Paranoid Schizophrenic

11. Suspended in Water

12. David’s Lullaby 2

13. Storm Signals

14. Cosmic Tapestry

Opus No. 1

November 30, 2005


This is the first album I recorded using equipment that could easily be considered meager by today’s standards. The entire album was recorded using a Korg X5, my old Strat, a plywood acoustic guitar, a Squier P-Bass, a cheap microphone, and a Pentium III PC equipped with Cakewalk Sonar Plasma, Sibelius 4, audio-to-MIDI conversion software, and a number of VST and DX softsynths.

1. Victory Fanfare

2. The Philosopher

3. Every Time You Smile (The Dad Song)

4. A Wonderful Sight

5. Family Portrait

“Answers” Suite

6. Answers I: Overture

7. Answers II: A Grand Design

8. Answers III: Meaning

9. Answers IV: Faith

10. Answers V: Comfort to My Soul

11. Answers VI: The Truth Does Stand

12. Answers VII: You Are True

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