Mark Galang @ YouTube

Piano Improvisations 2015 by Mark A. Galang



Performances with Juan Gustavo Blues Band (2017)



Performances with Makati Hope Christian School PMC Band (2016)


Performances with JOSE at Musika


Performances with Clubhouse


Performances with Soil & Green


Your Hand Upon Mine  (Solo Piano Improvisation, 08/10/2015)



Genevieve Dances  (Solo Piano Improvisation, 08/27/2015)



Looking Forward to Tomorrow (07/30/2015)


Mowing the Lawn  (Bluegrass – Original BGM for GuitarZoom, 05/2015)



Frustratingly Tired  (Metal – Original BGM for GuitarZoom, 04/2015)



Jack Marinated Porkchops (Blues – Original BGM for GuitarZoom) Recording Session 03/31/2015



Shattered (Solo Piano Improvisation, 07/30/2015)


A Dream of Grit and Gravel (Avant-Garde Solo Piano Improvisation, 07/20/2015)



Pasong Tamo Project (Mark A. Galang – Electronic Piano, Jeffrey Abanto – Guitar, RJ Sy – Bass, KayCee Puerto – Drums) Rehearsing Alan Pasqua’s “Proto Cosmos” @ Isla Musika Band Rehearsal Studio (03/13/2015)


Free Improvisation Jam with Trombonist Diamond Manuel of Jeepney Joyride @ PWU School of Music Recital Hall (11/29/2014)



Improvised Intro and Reflets Dans L’Eau (Debussy)(03/13/2013)



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