IMPORTANT UPDATE (05/09/2018):  Go to for inquiries regarding my services. Thanks!

Music Transcription and Preparation

  • Sheet music transcription from audio and/or video sources
  • Conversion of handwritten scores to computerized format (PDF, Sibelius)
  • Transposition
  • Transcription from one instrument into another
  • Score and parts preparation
  • MIDI Realization

Music Composition

  • Applied music for media e.g. video, animation, film, video games, etc.
  • All styles and genres such as pop, rock, corporate, orchestral, classical, jazz, etc.
  • Instrumentals or with voice
  • Jingles for advertising and other purposes
  • For performance by solo artists or groups

Music Arrangement

  • Arrangement for existing and original works
  • Instrumentation and orchestration

Music Tutorials

  • Piano/Keyboards
  • Modern Guitar (Electric
  • Electric Bass
  • Music Theory/Musicianship

Sound Design for Media

  • Animation
  • Video Games
  • Film
  • Etc.

Audio Production

  • Audio Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering



2 responses to “Services

  1. Hello! We are in need of new arrangements for existing songs. What would be the price range for this?

    Thank you and more power to you!

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